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Fish Passage, Fish Pass Assessment

Interest in fish movement, particularly coarse fish, has increased substantially in recent years. The legislative focus on fish passage has seen an increase in fish pass construction.

Construction of a fish pass is costly and time consuming. It is imperative the finished product is robustly evaluated for efficiency and efficacy. Without this evaluation, the pass effectiveness remains unknown. 

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Presence of fish upstream does suggest passage, but doesn’t relate to the proportion of the fish that attempted to pass. Effective evaluation of a fish pass should bfj environmental fish passage pass assessment 01abegin at the design stage in order to ensure the optimum solution is developed. 

Our experience of fish pass evaluation ranges from Larineir fish passes for salmonids in upland areas to lowland fish passes for facilitating coarse fish movement.Our unique experience in evaluating novel fish passage solutions, such as fish syphons, ensures we are well placed to provide expert evaluation for all fish passage solutions. 

bfj environmental fish passage pass assessment 04aBarriers to fish movement take many forms, from large obvious structures to difficult flows or low dissolved oxygen slugs in estuaries or tidal sections of rivers. Understanding fish movements, and fish biology and ecology are essential components in the collective understanding of what impedes fish and how to overcome or ameliorate the effects of such. BFJ undertake fish barrier assessment, design and implement projects in order to address these problems. We operate in tidal rivers and estuaries as well fluvial rivers and streams and lakes. Our work takes us from city reaches of larger rivers to far into upland catchments and small streams.

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