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Tagging, Tracking and Telemetry

In order to adequately understand what fish do over time, it is necessary to monitor their movements, either on a short term basis or longer term over several years. The range of movement varies from species and particular study. Some projects require behavioural movements to be observed and quantified over short distances, such as passing obstacles or barrier passes, others relate to long distance migrations, use of tidal river systems and estuaries. We carry out this work deploying a variety of methods and technologies. 

bfj environmental fisheries tagging tracking telemetry 01a

Fish undertake migrations at key times of the year, such as seasonal overwintering migration, and spawning migration during spring/early summer. In order to monitor their movements, we use the very latest technology to track when and where they move. This necessitates tagging the fish with RFID, radio, or acoustic transponding technologies. bfj environmental fisheries tagging tracking telemetry 02aSome tags are short duration suitable for behavioural studies, others require long term data delivered from larger tags or through the deployment of RFID tag technology. 

BFJ work on projects throughout the UK, from small upland stream smolt tagging to large scale coarse fish tagging and tracking projects on extensive lowland river systems. Our work takes us throughout the UK, working on a variety of projects in a variety of rivers, streams, lakes and canals.

bfj environmental fisheries tagging tracking telemetry 03aWe are suppliers of RFID technologies and supply PIT and hydroacoustic transponding tags, RFID detection readers and aerial technologies. We design and construct bespoke solutions to remote monitoring of fish passes, weirs, obstructions and pinch points. We are able to supply bespoke security packaged solutions for deployment on land or water, incorporating solar power and fuel cell technologies into our remote units. bfj environmental fisheries tagging tracking telemetry 04aMost are designed to run for a month at a time and the solar units can operate for years, limited only by your storage capacity for the data. We provide modem-based solutions to data security and storage and our able to supply bespoke solutions to specific requirements. We adopt a solution driven approach to telemetry in remote fish monitoring!