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bfj environmental water vole otter badgers bats 01aOur terrestrial section is focused primarily upon facilitating developer’s objectives within the planning process through sound advice and timely intervention on ecological and environmental matters. Our work ensures that developers conform and comply with ecological and environmental planning requirements, while providing a net gain for the environment through innovative solutions and suitable mitigation measures. We undertake water vole surveys within the river corridor and we are able provide suitable survey and reporting services to those who’s work may impact upon this habitat. Water vole surveys are also required where river rehabilitation or restoration is to be undertaken. In these circumstances, we recommend preliminary surveys to establish presence/ absence on the site, with more comprehensive surveys required if they are present including possible marking of water vole areas, grazing lawns, burrows etc, in order to prevent or reduce impact upon them. In some circumstances sections of the riverbank are left out of the restoration project to avoid impact, or the water vole are translocated to a section where they will remain unaffected by the works.

bfj environmental water vole otter badgers bats 02aOtter surveys are routinely carried out for conservation and fishery purposes. We provide survey services for otter and advice and guidance for developers seeking to minimize their impact and ensure they enhance habitats, fishery owners seeking to protect fish stocks, and civil engineering works seeking to reduce their impact upon the species from their activities.

Badgers are protected under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 and also under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. bfj environmental water vole otter badgers bats 03aIt is illegal to disturb badgers, or to destroy, damage or knowingly obstruct access to a badger sett or cause disturbance to a badger using a sett.We work with clients to ensure that any development activities or works do not adversely impact upon badgers, and where this is not possible, we work closely with all parties to ensure that appropriate mitigation and enhancement is undertaken.  

bfj environmental water vole otter badgers bats 04a

Our ecologists and associates undertake badger surveys for a variety of clients, varying from desktop studies and presence/absence surveys to fully detailed projects involving bait marking, trail monitoring, latrine identification, sett monitoring and movement assessments.

There are 18 bat species within the UK of which 17 breed here. The only true flying mammal, bats are uniquely interesting and their conservation is enshrined in UK law. Bats are a protected species under EU law due to their declining populations and increasing vulnerability across the UK and throughout Europe. Both bats and their breeding sites and resting places are protected. Bats and people come into conflict relating to dwellings, building and improvement works, artificial lighting and tree felling amongst other anthropogenic activities. bfj environmental water vole otter badgers bats 05aWe work with clients to ensure they are operating within the legislative framework, and are able to act responsibly, protecting and enhancing bat habitats and conservation of the species. With our associates, we provide a full service relating to bats, from surveys, roost confirmation, call ID analysis and mapping, species and population studies, to recommendations and mitigation and enhancement proposals and projects. We believe that bat conservation and responsible development can go hand-in-hand.